Voices from hotel quarantine.

A citizen-led effort to evaluate hotel quarantine – from the perspective of those who have been through it.

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More than half a million Australians have passed through hotel quarantine since March 2020.

That’s about 2% of the Australian population–more than all the people who live in our capital city.

What does the Australian public really know about what it’s like to go through quarantine? Which parts are easy? Which parts are just plain hard? What are its long-term effects on mental and physical health, if any?

At this point, we really don’t know.

Quarantine Voices is a citizen-led effort to document and evaluate Australia’s hotel quarantine system from the perspective of those who have been through it.

We want to share peoples' stories about the quarantine experience and find out what can be done to improve this experience for those in the future.

We are launching a study to collect feedback from anyone who has passed through Australia’s hotel quarantine program.

Anyone who has been in hotel quarantine can also share their story through an interview with one of our team members.